How far will we walk?

Approximately one kilometre.

Is the tour stroller friendly?

A heavy duty or jogging stroller should navigate most sections of the trail, there maybe one or two doors that are not easily accessed via stroller (due to tree roots/terrain).

Are Fairy Door Tours suitable for boys - or just girls?

It is certainly a misconception that Fairy Tours are just for girls! As there are usually gnomes, elfs, pixies and fairy doors found along the trail - and boys enjoy the hunt and the activities just as much as girls do! Even grown ups are often captivated by the magic.

Are there any age limits for participants?

No there are no age restrictions, we recommend ages 2 and up. Please note children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult.

Can we open the doors?

Unfortunately not! If the Fairies smell or sense that their door has been tampered with they will likely abandon it. So no, we try not to disturb their doors or belongings. In the event we find a Fairy House - and the door is open we may peek inside.

Will we see or meet Fairies?

While it is unlikely we will meet any Fairies, Pixies, Gnomes or Elfs... anything is possible. They typically only come out under the cover of darkness, or certainly when there is nobody near their door.

Can we dress up?

Of course! If your child has fairy wings, wands or the like - feel free to dress up. As long as it doesn't impede the ability to safely walk a nature trail (please wear appropriate footwear, ie. sneakers/hiking boots).

Are Tours Weather permitting?

Somewhat... we will proceed in misty/light rain, but will cancel in the event of heavier rain or unsatisfactory weather conditions. Please check our FB page to be sure - any cancellations will be posted there. In the event of cancellation you can request a full refund or simply reshedule to another date.

Must children be accompanied by an adult?

Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult.