Please meet at the designated meeting area for the Tour location. You will be greeted there by a Fairy Door Tour Guide. At the start of the tour your guide will hand out Treasure Bags to all children (these little bundles contain wishing dust and/or wishing bubbles, shells, marbles, stones, wool bits... things that may come in handy on the tour - or items that you can leave as a small gift for a Fairy. Please remind children they are to be returned at the end of the tour).

Using a map with some clues children will help locate the Fairy Doors.
At several doors there will be small activities...

There will be opportunties for you to take photos of your child next to a Fairy Door.
If weather cooperates the tour will conclude with a Fairy storytime.

Fairies, Lore & Five Island Tour
Fairy Door Tours and the Five Island Art Gallery in charming Tors Cove have partnered up to offer this enchanted adventure. Click here to learn more!