Discover the Magic of Fairy Doors!

A Fairy Door is a magical gateway or portal between our world and the magical world of make-believe. Fairy doors were first discovered in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the early 90’s. It's believed they have always existed, but are often located in woodland areas where they are less likely to be discovered.

A hiker made the first Fairy Door discovery in Newfoundland. It was found near the East Coast Trail (Tinker’s Point, Tors Cove). This led to a fascination and search for others... to date several have been located and now Fairy Door Tours is excited to collaborate with the Fairies and offer tours to children and families.

Children and adults alike will enjoy this enchanted woodland walk. Visit a series of whimsical fairy, elf and gnome doors scattered along a picturesque nature trail. There will be opportunities for wishmaking, leave a letter in the fairy mailbox and more. Weather permitting a fairy storytime will conclude this enchanted adventure.

  • Grandfather Gnome lives here - he is the keeper of the keys to all the fairy doors!

  • Knock, knock. Is there anyone at home?

  • Mystic and mauve is this enchanted gnome door.

  • It's off to the Fairy mailbox to post our letters to the Fairies!

  • Great day on clothes... even Fairies like the feel of crisp, clean line dryed linens.

Pippy Park Fairy Trail

The Pippy Park Fairy Door Tour runs Saturday afternoons, from late June to mid-October. This tour visits eight Fairy Doors, the Fairy Mailbox and Wishing Well. If your child would like to leave a note or letter for the Fairy, please have them prepared in advance if possible. PLEASE MEET AT THE PICNIC SHELTER NEXT TO NORTH BANK LODGE.


Treasure Bags will be provided... these little bundles contain wishing dust and/or wishing bubbles, shells, marbles, stones, wool bits... things that may come in handy on the tour - or a small gift for a Fairy. Please note the bags must be returned at the end of the tour.

Tour Schedule:
Saturday 1 pm - 2:15 pm
Saturday 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm
Children/Seniors $7
Adults $10

PARKING: parking may be available at the North Bank Lodge parking lot, if the lot is full please park along side the gravel road (before you turn up to North Bank Lodge, and just before you get to the Fluvarium).

Birthday Parties

We've had many inquiries about Fairy Door Tour birthday parties. At the moment we can offer a private tour to your party group (see private group rates to the right).

Or, you can book a smaller number of tickets (ie. 10 children, 4 adults) and pay regular ticket price, this option may cost less - but please note this won't be a private tour, and others will likely be attending the tour with your group.

For cake/refreshments/presents there are a couple of options... you can rent North Bank Lodge for a minimum of 3 hours, or you could rent a campsite or tent field site and use a screen tent and picnic tables. There are also plenty of grassy areas and 2 picnic shelters for a picnic version (weather may be an issue).

Private/Group Tours

If you would like to book a private Fairy Door Tour for your group please contact us to schedule a date and time.

Up to 15 $175
Up to 25 $250
For larger groups   Contact for Quote

Book a Tour   Request a Quote